Simagic P1000 3 pedals (Hydraulic)

  • Brand:Simagic
  • Product Code: P1000-RS
  • Product code: P1000-RS
  • Warranty: 24
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  • Price: €689.90

The P1000 is Simagic’s first mechanical Pedals. It is the perfect choice for sim racers who want a highly customizable Pedals, offering an unprecedented driving experience that is true to the feel of race cars. It features a brand new design, which eliminates complicated installation procedures and makes the customization of the entire Pedals advanced. The load cell sensor and Hall angle sensor can be switched freely, depending on the type of use.

Developed in collaboration with real motorsport engineers, the Simagic P1000 is the pedals suited to meet the needs of sim racers who enjoy deep customization of their driving peripherals. Thanks to its countless adjustments, up to 27648 different combinations can be achieved, enough to satisfy all preferences.


  • CNC-machined aluminum alloy frame
  • 100 kg load cell for excellent braking precision
  • Stroke length adjustment
  • Compressive strength adjustment
  • Pedal angle adjustment
  • Lateral adjustment of pedal position
  • 27648 different configurations possible, thanks to the 8 rubber pads that allow the braking experience to be modulated. This allows specific customization by type of vehicle being used.
  • Anodized aluminum alloy foot pedal

P-HYS(Hydraulic System)

The P-HYS hydraulic brake system provides a more accurate reproduction of the damping and rebound of genuine car brakes.


  • CNC machined aluminum alloy structure
  • Stroke length adjustment
  • Adjustment of compressive strength
  • Pedal angle adjustment
  • Lateral adjustment of pedal position
  • Anodized aluminum alloy foot pedal

Thanks to SIMAGIC’s proprietary software, the SimPro Manager, you can get the most out of the P1000, customizing every little detail to make your Pedals even more unique.

Explore different sensitivity settings, try unique configurations, and discover the setup that will really make you feel like you’re behind the wheel of a race car. You will be the director of your own driving adventure, where every single turn will be a symphony of emotions.

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