Privacy Policy

The customer agrees that by providing any of his personal or other data to, he agrees that it may be used by the latter for the following purposes:

  1. maintaining the Customer's profile, including registering orders, sending ordered products, performing the ordered services, invoicing, resolving disputes with Customers regarding their Orders or considering their requests;
  2. sending Commercial messages, periodic notifications by e-mail or via SMS;
  3. conducting market research, tracking and monitoring sales and customer/consumer behavior.

The Customer agrees to provide with unlimited volume and time access to any materials and information that it sends to the Seller through or in connection with the Platform, regardless of whether it has placed an Order and completed a transaction through the Platform. has the right to use, reproduce, publish, modify, transmit and distribute this information or materials. The Customer expressly agrees that may freely use and process for its own purposes the ideas, concepts or know-how that the Customer has provided to it in any way through or in connection with the Platform or the actions/inactions that the Customer has carried out through or in connection with the Platform. has no obligation to keep the information received in this way as confidential, as long as this is not imputed to it as an obligation by the current legislation.

By providing his data to (including email address), the Customer gives his express consent to be contacted by employees or third parties who are couriers.